PreK9 I

Pre-K9 is where we begin introducing training cues to our dogs, that they will use for a life time.  We cover all the basic commands, in a way that encourages your dog to want to work with you.  We offer the most extensive and unique training program, tailored for this stage in puppy development.   We meet often to help progress you and your puppy quickly and prevent bad habits before they take hold.

We evolve to meet each puppy and families needs and strive to build a foundation for independent and applied learning in real life situations.

Cost: $310 + Training Collar

Age: 12 weeks - 20 weeks

Course Duration: 6 weeks (meets twice a week for class, and you have the option some extra training and guidance with our new tutoring program! 15 minutes for $15!)

Week 1 - Orientation on Tuesday, rest of the week off

Weeks 2-5 - Tuesday/Thursday class

 Week 6 - Tuesday Class, Thursday Graduation


Note: The University of Doglando employs multiple training apparatuses, which are dependent on an individual basis for each dog. We use DD Collars, Slip Leads, Gentle Leaders and Martingale Collars in our training classes. Our trainers will recommend the training collar best suited for your dog’s specific needs and situation


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