PreK9 II

The second PreK9 puppy training introduces your dog to the basics in obedience commands. It begins to define the roles between you and your K9 companion. This is the most important step for any owner to take with their puppy, one that can have the most long lasting results.

Cost: $310

Age: 16 weeks - 24 weeks (Prerequisites PreK9 I )

Course Duration: 5 weeks

Week 1 - 4 -  Tuesday/Thursday class

Week 5 - Tuesday Class, Thursday Graduation


Note: The University of Doglando employs multiple training apparatuses, which are dependent on an individual basis for each dog. We use DD Collars, Slip Leads, Gentle Leaders and Martingale Collars in our training classes. Our trainers will recommend the training collar best suited for your dog’s specific needs and situation.


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