In-Home and Private Dog Training

For the hardcore dogs or those who want a personal touch. This class is offered as an in-home or private training class, to help you better communicate, redirect and regain control of your dog within your home.  For some highly anxious, fear full, reactive, or aggressive dogs, our in home dog training offers you the solutions to start at home and then advance to outdoors. These training classes are intense, involving and are a boot camp for the entire family!  We service the Orlando area but please do not hesitate to call us or stop by.

Open Enrollment, Call for Information (407) 574-3160

Puppy Classes

Puppy Development & Potty Training

Cost: $36 per day or $150 per week*

Age: 8 weeks – 12 weeks

Course Duration: Open until puppy reaches 12 weeks of age.

Course Description

In this amazing puppy daycare, enrichment, socialization and training experience, puppies are dropped off for all day supervision, structured naps, play time and potty training rituals.  They will also be taught how to positively respond to handling through a series of activities that include grooming exercises and mock veterinary exams.

This program allows your puppy to learn under the influence of highly skilled puppy handlers, trainers and Doglando teaching dogs.  Life is about being prepared. You will be extremely grateful to yourself for investing in your puppy, and you will find that puppy parenting is in fact… NOT a nightmare.


PreK9 I


Option 1:  $200
includes class only, one day per week

Option 2*:  $500
includes class plus Friday skill-building and field trip sessions during the 6 weeks of class

Age: 10 weeks – 14 weeks

Course Duration:  6 weeks (class meets once a week, and skill-building (if Option 2 has been chosen) is Fridays)

Course Description:  The exercises covered in this puppy training class have been carefully selected to teach life skills.  Our goal is to teach you obedience skills in a way that makes it easy for you to apply them in everyday life.  For example, the basic obedience signal “Sit” is most useful when applied in conditions such as: entering or exiting doorways, waiting politely when you are having a conversation with someone you encounter on your walk, waiting in a sit while you attend to the door, etc.


PreK9 II


Option 1 –  $200
includes class only, one day per week

Option 2* – $500 (Prerequisites: PreK9 I Option 2)
includes class plus Friday skill-building and field trip sessions during the 6 weeks of class.  This option is only available to those puppies that did option 2 in PreK9 I.

Age: 16 weeks – 24 weeks (Pre-requisites PreK9 I)

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Course Description:  Continuing on the foundation built in PreK9 I, the second PreK9 puppy training class introduces your dog to further basics in obedience commands such as: stand, pivoting, down from a stand, around into heel, leave it and bed/place.

Remember, all content covered in our courses is taught such that you and your dog understand its application, so that it becomes a “natural” process for both.  For example, the command bed/place can be applied when answering the door, when keeping a dog out from underfoot, or when enjoying a lovely meal at a dog friendly restaurant.  Each skill mentioned above has such applications.


All Classes are held at the University of Doglando located at 12276 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando FL 32826.  If you would more information or if you have questions please feel free to call us at 407-574-3160.  All classes are non-refundable.

AA in Dogology

AA in Dogology is our foundation obedience course, available for all dogs just starting out! It teaches communication between you and your dogs, and teaches all your basic commands with increasing levels of Distance, Duration and Distractions. Even if your dog already knows the basics, this course will reinforce and advance those techniques to the next level.

Duration: 6 weeks - Week 1: Orientation   Week 2-6 Training Classes

Cost: $180.00