What's in your pet's food?

Have you read the ingredient list on your dog's food? If you have, then you may have noticed that the first ingredients listed are things like ground corn and chicken by-product meal. Ingredients like these leave pet parents scratching their heads. What exactly are these items doing to improve the health and vitality of your four-legged friend? Perhaps even more importantly, what are these items doing to your precious pet?

If you love your pup and want to give him the best nutrition, then it's essential to choose a natural dog food. High-quality ingredients provide the protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that are known to support a dog's physical well-being. Feeding your pet the right, natural dog food ensures that he enjoys better quality of life. Just as important, a nutritionally-dense dog food helps your pet to live longer and be more active.




Natural dog food isn't laden with fillers and chemicals. While it's true that these better quality foods tend to cost more than other varieties, there are very good reasons behind this difference. Rather than using fillers and byproducts that only offer your pup empty calories, these foods pack a nutritional punch. When you feed your furry family member natural dog food, you'll be giving him a diet that supports his immune system, improves the health and functionality of his joints and may help ward off dangerous illnesses.

Here at The Dirty Dog your dog's well-being and comfort are our #1 priority. In keeping with that promise we adhere to very strict standards for the products in our grooming services and also the pet foods we choose to sell to you.  Our mission is to only offer you and your dog the best products in terms of quality, ingredients and social responsibility.  In doing our research and going through the hundreds of different options available on the market today for dog foods, we have decided to exclusively sell OrijenAcana Pet Foods.  Champion Pet Foods, which makes Orijen & Acana Pet Foods is based out of Canada, and they recently built a kitchen in Kentucky.  We carry the entire line of Orijen and Acana Dog Foods and can order Cat Foods as well. 


Please come in and take a look at the selection and if you have any questions we would be glad to answer them!

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