Nail Clipping & Dremeling

When your dog walks on a hard surface, can you hear his nails? If so, then it may be time to bring him in to the dog groomer. Here at The Dirty Dog, we promise a fun, safe and reassuring environment where your pooch can get a dog nail trim with a minimum of fuss.

Many dogs don't like to have their feet touched. Other dogs don't mind the touching, but they sure don't enjoy having their nails trimmed. Pet parents probably like the nail clipping process even less than their furry companion. That's because many dogs don't hold still for it, which just makes it easier to accidentally "quick" your dog, causing a painful injury.

Nails and A Dog's Health

Nonetheless, having a dog nail trim performed is essential to your pooch's health. Dogs can't walk correctly when their nails are too long. This puts a strain on all of their leg muscles, and it can even put stress on the spine. A dog whose nails are too long may have problems with slipping and falling as they cannot use their nails for stability as they normally would. Additionally, long nails are more prone to chipping and breaking, and a toenail can easily be torn while running around and playing. Another problem with neglected nails is their tendency to curl down and under into the bottom of the paw, which can be an undeniably uncomfortable prospect. These ingrown nails can become infected and painful, necessitating a visit to the vet. 

Frequency of Nail Trimming

How often your pet needs to visit the dog groomer for a trim depends upon a number of factors. Some dogs just seem to have really fast-growing nails while others seem to lengthen at a snail's pace. Moreover, some dogs wear down their nails much more than others. This is usually because the dog spends quite a bit of time walking on concrete or other surfaces that effectively trim the nails. Some pets need to come in for a dog nail trim once a week while others can go for a month or longer in between visits. 

Bring your best friend in for a dog nail trim to learn more about the process. We'll carefully examine his nails and give him an expert, pain-free trim. We'll also tell you what to look and listen for when it comes to determining when it's time to bring him back in for another trim.

At The Dirty Dog, we often work with anxious, fearful pups who would rather do almost anything other than having their nails trimmed. We promise to make the experience as relaxing and easy as possible on you and your dog. You can trust that your furry friend is safe in our capable hands.


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