(Not so) Basic Bath

Many dogs seem to enjoy being dirty and smelly. Maybe that's why they can't resist rolling in that stinky patch they found on the lawn. Unfortunately for pet parents, a dirty dog isn't always nice to look at. Moreover, the smell could drive you crazy.

Bathing a dog isn't a chore that most people look forward to. At The Dirty Dog, we're a bit different. We love giving your beloved dog a fun and relaxing experience. A dog bath doesn't have to be torture. With a visit to the dog groomer, a bath can be enjoyable for you and your canine companion.

It's important for your dog to have a bath on a regular basis. Their coat is like a magnet that attracts dirt, fungi, parasites, bacteria and allergens. Regular exposure to all of these substances can be bad news for you and your dog. In fact, the longer pollen and other allergens remain in contact with your dog's skin, the more likely he is to develop irritation and the need to scratch. Sometimes scratching becomes an issue that leads to infection and other complications. A dog that's covered in allergens is bad news for people too. If you find yourself sneezing and getting congested when you spend time with your furry friend, that's a signal that it's time for a bath.




The average dog needs a bath every three weeks to one month. Depending upon the season, the breed of your dog and your dog's activities, a bath may be required more or less often. For instance, basset hounds tend to have an oily coat which might make more frequent bathing a good idea. On the other hand, weimaraners and beagles do well with fewer baths thanks to their shorter hair. Certain dogs with thick coats like golden retrievers and malamutes may also benefit from fewer baths so that they can retain more of the natural oils in their coat that protect them from the environment.

Of course, you may elect to ask for a dog bath on a more frequent basis if your dog gets smelly in between visits to the groomer or if he spends a lot of time exploring in nature. Ultimately, your dog groomer can help you keep your furry companion happier and healthier by providing a wonderful bathing experience.




At The Dirty Dog, we use high-quality Mauro shampoos that don't dry out your dog's skin and coat. Your dog's coat gets to keep the necessary oils that it contains naturally to keep him looking clean and shiny. Our proprietary bathing system promises to soothe even the most anxious pup, so you can be certain that she will actually look forward to her dog bath.


Every dog receives a bandana or collar cover, and anal gland expression is available upon request.

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