Full Groom

Is your dog a Dirty Dog? If it's been a while since he's visited the dog groomer, then the answer is probably, "Yes!". The good news is there's no need to bark. At The Dirty Dog, we specialize in making your furry best friend clean and happy.


What's Included:

Our full groom services offer your pooch the ultimate pampering package. Everything is included from the soothing bath to the stylish dog hair cuts. We use only high-end grooming products that are guaranteed to produce spectacular results. You may not even recognized your best friend when you pick her up.



Your pet's appointment with an experienced, caring dog groomer begins with a soothing bath in Mauro shampoo. Mauro is a leading name in pet grooming products. Their safe and effective formulas leave your dog's hair soft, shiny, and healthy. Fido will love his bath even more thanks to our proprietary bathing system. The water temperature is always just right, and most dogs love a little splashing in the water. Our bathing system is designed to minimize anxiety. You may be surprised by how much your furry companion enjoys their day at the spa.


If you like, we can express your pet's anal glands during the grooming session. Our dog groomer will provide a thorough ear cleaning, a necessary step in keeping your pup healthy. The full groom package also includes nail clipping with Dremeling. This is one of the main dog grooming chores that most pet parents dislike doing themselves because of how it easy it is to cut too much off. This cutting of the quick in the dog's nails is painful, and no dog parent wants to take a chance on hurting their furry friend. It's much better to leave it to a professional who can promise a safe, effective and pain-free experience.


Of course, the highlight of your pet's day at the spa is probably the dog hair cut. Whether we trim a little or a lot, you'll be pleased with the results. We love it when our pet parents provide specific instructions about dog hair cuts. However, we're also open to using our own judgment about the season and breed of your dog to decide upon the right cut for your pooch. We can make minor trims, like getting those bushy eyebrows under control, or shave the hair down all over  your dog to keep him cool during hot summer months. No groom would be complete without a bandana or collar cover. 

Did You Know?

​Frequent grooming is one of the most important parts of dog ownership. It keeps your pup healthy, happy, and looking great! It can also help minimize shedding, scratching, and other problems that are irritating for you and your furry companion. Make an appointment fora Full Groom today!

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